Wednesday, April 12, 2017

4 sheets of paper? Aerodynamics

I am an aerodynamics coach , and I wanted clarification with regards to the event description.  It says that teams will get (4) sheets of paper to construct (2) planes.  Is the extra paper just extra (for mistakes), or are planes allowed to be made from more than one sheet of paper?  Additionally, must all of the material be used or just that deemed necessary?
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    They are given four sheets and allowed to use 4, if they desire. They do not need to use all the paper.

The answer provided above was accurate but not all inclusive. If we could add to the answer, in a new post, that although not all the paper must be used, you can use multiple pieces of paper for the same plane. Additionally, at least two planes must still be built, but not flown. So you could use one piece of paper to build a plane, or three, but another plane must be built even if it's never flown for a score. The justification for this, which I would not include, is that this prevents a team from focusing all their time on one version of one design, but hopefully learning about a few different ones and the effects their designs have on time and distance.
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