Sunday, May 14, 2017

Miscellaneous WESO Tournament Questions

Here are some questions and answers of general interest to all participants and families.

Q: There is a lot of information for families to know for the June 3 WESO Tournament – where to park, what to bring, where to check in for events, etc. Can you publish information for general use by our families?

A: Yes, we will soon publish detailed information about the WESO Tournament, and will post it on the website, the Updates Blog, and send a copy to Head Coaches.

Q: It is very loud in the gym during awards ceremonies, and we cannot always hear the speaker. Can WESO use a projector to show the names of the schools being called to the stage instead of announcing them?

A: It would be difficult to create slides, then project those slides, during the ceremony, in part because we are often scoring events DURING awards ceremonies. Creating slides quickly and displaying them properly, without making mistakes, would be difficult.  

The good news is that there is a solution to the problem of too much noise while a speaker is addressing the audience: keep unnecessary noise in the gym to a minimum. Head Coaches, coaches, and parents should set expectations for students at the awards ceremonies to keep noise down, be respectful of the speaker by watching and listening, and demonstrate good sportsmanship if their school’s name is called.

Q: Where and when do we drop off raffle baskets?

A: Drop off your raffle baskets on Friday, June 2, in the cafeteria. When assembling your basket, please follow the guidelines your Head Coach has been given for the raffle baskets. Write us an email at if you need a refresher.

Q: Who will be sent a reminder email for Volunteer slots on June 2 and 3?

A: Head Coaches will receive a reminder about volunteers from their schools. Some individual volunteers may receive a reminder if they will be asked to do a special volunteer job, such as working outside the building.

Q: How early are we allowed to check in for Academic events (i.e. events other than On Target and Water Rockets)? For example, my team has Estimania at 10:00, what would be the earliest we could check in for that event?

A: Teams can check in up to 15 minutes early for their Academic events. In this example, the team could check in for their event starting at 9:45.

There were some recent discussions about increasing this time period to 20 minutes, but 15 minutes prior to the event time is the earliest we will check in teams for 2017.

Q: Our school brings many students – we have found that the space in the cafeteria for our school does not provide enough room for everyone. Can we have more tables this year?

A: Sorry, but we’re out of space in the cafeteria. We have over 40 schools bringing more than 2200 students (and their parents) throughout the day. We recommend using the tables as your “home base” and exploring the Open Events, Raffle Baskets, and the outdoors (weather-permitting). Check out On Target in the Small Gym and Water Rockets launches outside if you have some free time.

You may enter and exit the building freely during the day, and you may find it convenient to leave jackets or non-essential items in your car.