Saturday, May 13, 2017

Write It/Build It

1. Are builders allowed to bring a tablet to use while they wait for the writers to finish the description?- ---No. Students should not bring phones, tablets, etc. with them into the academic area [Updated May 16 at 8:25 pm].

2. Does the description have to be written in sentence form?  Or can they do a bulleted list? - ---they can do both, and yes  for bulleted list

3.  Will there be extra parts in the bag that are not used in the picture?- --- No

4.  Are "slashes" allowed?  For example, writing: the blue/gray rectangle is...  - ------ yes,  as long as it is used in its intended function and does not look like a drawing

5.  Are they allowed to write, "page 1", "page 2" on the description? ---- yes

6.  Are the writers allowed to draw a compass on the description?---- NO
!No drawings of any kind !